Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Half Way Wednesday

Half way through the week tomorrow!  We're planning some family time this weekend, and I can't wait.  Every year we drive up to a place called McConnell's Mill State Park, which is about 40 minutes north of where we live.  We pack up a big picnic lunch, a blanket or two to spread out, and we're on our way.  It is gorgeous in the fall.  The cool crisp weather lends itself nicely to running around the huge open grounds of the park and collecting the colorful leaves that have fallen from the thousands of trees.  It's a wonderful place full of many memories for our family and a tradition that we hope will be passed down to generations after us.

I went to the store today and purchased a few things for the picnic.  I've decided to use a some of them for Molly's lunches.  Although, part of me thinks that I may have to make another trip to the store because my husband got a taste of a few things, and he really liked them.
Our main entrée is a pinwheel sandwich.  We flavored some light cream cheese with sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil.  A little goes a long way with sun dried tomatoes because of the concentrated flavor, so be sure to taste as you go.  We spread the cream cheese mixture all over a whole grain tortilla from Trader Joe's.  Next, we added a couple of slices of Castle Wood Honey Ham and a some baby spinach before rolling our tortilla up like a sushi roll.  We sliced the roll into pieces, making sure to keep the roll in tact so that it won't fall apart when Molly eats it.

The vegetable side is canned, no salt added, cut green beans.  This was a request of Molly's after she ate some left over green beans directly from refrigerator.  We never would have thought of giving this to her because she is a little picky with her vegetables.  We're delighted that she came up with it though.  We eat green beans very frequently and the left overs will make lunch packing much easier.

Our choice of fruit is a sugar pear.  Molly requested one of these as well after seeing them in the refrigerator.  She said that they are small, sweet and perfect for a lunch box meal.  

Molly's dessert is Ginger Cat cookies from Trader Joe's.  These cookies have such a great flavor.  They are a little bit spicy without causing your tongue to sting.  The kids like them a little more than the Trader Joe's Triple Ginger cookies which have a very strong ginger flavor that can kind of attack the palate.  The grown ups in the house really like the Triple Ginger cookies though.

ps - Picture day was a success.  From her perfectly purple outfit to the tamed ringlets in her hair, she was picture perfect, at least when she left my van.  ☺


  1. I'm gonna have to try a pinwheel on Madilynn. I think that she just might eat it!

    Ummmm, so... I totally LOVE the ginger cats! I haven't given any to the girls yet though. I may have to hog them all to myself!

  2. The pinwheels are great and easy. If she doesn't like cream cheese, try a Laughing Cow wedge. It spreads just like cream cheese but doesn't have the sour or tart flavor of cream cheese. Also, some kids prefer iceberg or romaine lettuce to the spinach.
    ps - pb&j works too, just watch how much jelly you put in, it can get goopy. (is that a word? LOL!)