Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to it!

We had the day off today so that means a short week of school.  Yes, a four day week!  But the question is; is it really worth it?  Doesn't it seem like that the four days is crammed with all of the normal things plus whatever was missed on the day off?  It's like a constant game of catch up.  Then, isn't the rest of the week thrown off?  "It feels like Monday" will be heard by the majority of us tomorrow.  But, then again, it was SO nice to have today off.  I got a lot accomplished.  The kids' closets and dressers have been emptied and most of the clothes replaced with fall and winter clothes.  I left a few things in there for the possibility of an Indian Summer day, where it feels like summer in the middle of fall.  All of our Halloween decorations are up and my house is mostly clean by default because while putting up the decorations, I had to clean the places they where were going.  I'm glad that I had this day to get things done but it's back to the old grind tomorrow.
Our main entrée is cheese tortellini with light Italian dressing.  Molly requested this because she says that it is one of her favorite lunches.  We have to agree with her.  There is just something about a filling pasta salad that helps to get you through the day.

We have strawberries for our fruit side.  These little beauties smell incredible.  Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, so hopefully it will help Molly ward off whatever little cold is going around at her school.

For our vegetable, we've chosen black olives.  Since Molly won't get a ton of protein from her main entrée, she'll more than make up for it with the black olives.  Plus, it will make a nice accompaniment to the pasta because olives go so nicely with Italian Dressing.

Molly's dessert for today's lunch is Trader Joe's Schoolhouse Cookies.  Hopefully they will give her inspiration for her spelling test.

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