Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breakfast for Lunch Again!

I was talking with Molly today about her favorite parts of school.  She really enjoys her "specials" and math.  The "specials", I was not surprised about at all.  She loves art and is constantly singing, plus her librarian is really cool so I know that she looks forward to seeing her and picking out a new books.  I was pretty thrown when she said math.  I know that she likes counting and matching things or recognizing patterns, but I figured that she wouldn't be a numbers type of kid.  I'm pretty thrilled with this admission because from what I hear, the way that they teach math is WAY different than when I was a kid.  They don't even call it carrying the one anymore when adding something with a ten or higher answer.  I'm hoping that Molly becomes a wiz in math and can teach me this new way of doing it and then she and I can help her sister and brother if they need it.  Its amazing what these kids are learning these days.  I feel like they are at least a grade ahead of where I was when I went to school.  No wonder they are so tired when they get home.  Hopefully Molly's lunches keep her nourished and ready to tackle anything that the first grade has to offer.
Our main entrée is waffle sandwiches.  We added some pure maple syrup to whipped cream cheese for our sandwich spread.  Then, we sliced some Jonagold apples very thinly and layered them on the cream cheese mixture to create a waffle sandwich.  We also put a small handful of almonds in this container for added protein and crunch.

The first side is vanilla yogurt.  It is a nice compliment to the waffle sandwiches and goes along with our breakfast theme.  We've placed a little bit of Trader Joe's Pecan Praline Granola in a small container so that Molly can sprinkle it on her yogurt if she would like.  This granola has a tremendous amount of flavor and it will add a great taste and texture to the plain vanilla yogurt.

Finally, our fruit side is a mix of strawberries and mandarin oranges.  These are both sweet and very succulent.  They will add a great soft texture and juicy element to Molly's Lunch.  Plus, we're all fighting something in our house, so hopefully the Vitamin C in both of these fruits will help Molly get over her cold/allergy or whatever it is that she is fighting. ☺

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