Monday, October 18, 2010

Purses for Lunch

Molly is always willing to try something new.  She tried sleeping overnight at a friend's house for the first time this past weekend.  She is trying ballet classes this year.  She's always trying new ways of singing, dancing and making little crafty art projects.  And she is the first one to try something new to eat.  We are so lucky that Molly is open to new things.  She has found that her options are so much more broad because she has tried these things and actually likes them.  A perfect example is the purses that she will be enjoying for lunch.  I bought these several months ago and made them for dinner.  Both her father and I oohed and aahed over them but the kids were a little resistant at first.  Then, Molly decided to be brave and take a taste.  She loved them.  She encouraged her sister to try them and she ended up liking them too.  Thanks to her willingness to try new things, she gets a favorite for lunch tomorrow.
Our main entrée is Trader Joe's Perline Pasta and Prosciutto with a drizzle of light Italian dressing.  These little herbed pasta purses are filled with a yummy blend of prosciutto and cheese.  Incredibly delicious!  Plus, what girl doesn't love a purse?

Molly really enjoyed the carrots today so we've decided to cut up a few more with our crinkle knife for tomorrow's lunch.  If we just threw in some baby carrots, we'd probably have a few return home.  But with this "neat looking" cut, we have no left overs.

We've quartered an apple for our fruit side.  These apples are amazingly juicy and sweet.  Each bite is crunchy and fresh.

Dessert is Annie's Homegrown Bunny Friends.  This variety of flavors is the best of all worlds.  You have the plain vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip all in one snack.

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