Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Special Treat Lunch

This week seems to have dragged on a bit.  I think because we had a 4 day week last week, it makes this week seem so much longer.  I keep thinking that tomorrow should be Friday but it's only Thursday.  I think the kids feel the same way because Molly asked if she should put her library book in her bag for tomorrow but she doesn't have library until Friday.  Even though she doesn't have library she always has lunch, so on to the tasty vittles for tomorrow.
Our main entrée is banana bread with peanut butter sandwiches.  We made our healthy banana bread a few weeks ago and froze several of the small loaves.  We thawed one out and now we have the start to an awesome lunch.

The dairy side is cottage cheese.  It is a really good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D.  Molly really likes cottage cheese because she likes how creamy it is.

We've decided that edamame would be a yummy compliment to this lunch.  This veggie is a super food.  Its loaded with vitamins and omega-3s.

A fresh orchard apple will be the fruit of the day.  We've sliced it into pieces and kept the skin on since the skin holds a lot of nutritional value.

Finally, we've tossed in a small pack of Pez for dessert.  We've kind of left out dessert for the past few days so a little sweet treat is definitely in order.

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