Monday, November 22, 2010

Lunch Before Break

Do you remember the school days leading up to a holiday break?  They seemed endless and pointless to me as a kid.  The clock would never go fast enough because I knew that there was so much fun to be had when I got home.  Plus, we never did much of anything educational, in my opinion.  Why did we even bother going to school?  The excitement of the upcoming time off wiped out any possibility of learning.  Molly is experiencing this right now.  She was bouncing when she got home and could barely stand to leave to go to her catechism class tonight.  She has grand plans about making place mats and name cards.  Molly is a great artist and loves to decorate so I'm sure that she has even bigger ideas for how she will decorate for Thanksgiving.
Well, this is the last lunch before her break.  Not much longer until vacation baby girl!
Our main entrée is a turkey sandwich!  Just kidding...mostly.  It's actually a peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat but it is cut with a turkey cookie cutter and a pumpkin cookie cutter.  We're getting excited for Thanksgiving at our house so we decided to get the ball rolling early with the turkey and pumpkin.

Our vegetable side is mixed vegetables that were frozen, then cooked and then chilled.  Molly really likes this combination and it tastes very good cold.

Our fruit side is Aldi canned Tropical Fruit Salad.  Pineapple, Mango and Papaya are just a few of the fruits in the lovely blend.  It's sweet and juicy with a delicious tropical flavor.

Molly requested some string cheese so we were happy to oblige.  We usually have this as a snack in our house but once in a while we'll add it to lunch for extra calcium and protein.

Finally we have Archer Farms Organic Strawberry Real Fruit Strips from Target for our dessert.  We used a heart shaped micro cookie cutter to make this normally long rectangular strip a little more special for Molly.  *These were called fruit leather when we were growing up.  Then we put it in a heart shaped silicone cupcake liner to make it fancy.

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