Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

Today, we decided to just toss together a few of Molly's favorites.  Molly, her brother and her sister would eat pasta everyday.  Whether it be macaroni and cheese or just about any other type of pasta with a little bit of butter and Parmesan, they would eat the stuff all day long.  Molly really likes pasta salad so hopefully today's lunch will indulge her pasta cravings.
Our main entrée is pasta salad.  This pasta salad is made with choo choo wheels pasta, pepperoni, string cheese and light Italian dressing.

Our vegetable side is a baby spinach salad with light Italian dressing on the side.  Molly might be getting back into a salad kick. ☺

Our fruit side is an Empire apple that has been cut into slices.  Molly asked for caramel dip to go with it but we didn't have any.  Time for a trip to the store.

Finally our dessert is a mix of some of Molly's favorite things.  We have mini marshmallows, dried cherries and peanuts.

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