Sunday, January 16, 2011

Typical Monday

This weekend was incredible.  Molly had such a blast cheering with her BFFs at the High School Basketball game on Friday night.  We all went out for an ice cream afterward and really enjoyed a great time with our amazing friends.  Saturday, we went to see Mary Poppins live at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh with Molly's Grammy and our friend Marie.  It was such a tremendous show.  The music, the dancing, the costumes and the special effects were just astonishing.

In the midst of all of the fun, there was little time to prepare dinner on Friday so we grabbed a pizza.  Luckily for Molly, there are still some leftovers.  So, she will have the typical Monday cold pizza lunch.
Our main entrée is leftover cold pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars.  Molly is like any other kid, she would eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner just about every day.

Our veggie side is cucumbers that have been cut with our crinkle knife.  They still taste the same but they are a little extra special.

Our fruit side sliced strawberries.  We still have a few of these little gems left from Molly's Grammy.

Finally, our dessert/dairy side is Yoplait Slim 50 strawberry yogurt.  Molly requested this as her dessert.  We think that it really helps to get her through the day.

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