Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hoagie Day

Isn't it funny how when someone you know is selling something, you often feel the need to buy it from them?  A friend was selling hoagies (sub sandwiches for anyone outside of the Pittsburgh area) and I felt almost obligated to buy some.  I do not regret this purchase because we will actually really enjoy these hoagies, the price was great and the proceeds helped a friend.  But, I just had to note the funny coincidence of buying things more often from people that you know, just because you know them.
Our main entrée is part of a turkey hoagie.  This sandwich has turkey, provolone cheese and a little bit of lettuce on it.  We also added some mustard because it's Molly's favorite condiment.

Our vegetable side is red bell pepper slices.  We figured that it would be a nice compliment to the sandwich.

Our fruit side is some red grapes.  These looked so delicious in the store and we couldn't pass them up.  They are extra small and very firm and sweet.

Finally, our dessert is Pepperidge Farm Cocoa Adventure Goldfish crackers.  These are chocolate graham crackers with mini marshmallows, just like those found in hot cocoa.

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