Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick Day for Molly

Why is it that when we ask our children to share something, there is always a mass resistance that can escalate into an old fashioned melt down?  Yet, when it comes to illness, they have no problem sharing at all.

Molly's little sister was the first one to have the stomach bug that is going through our house at the moment.  She started feeling better and I was hopefully that she would be the only victim.  Unfortunately, Molly started feeling sick last Friday.  I thought that it may have been something else but, she got the worst case of it.  Molly's little brother also started to get sick last Friday so we are a house of sickness at the moment.

Molly is really bummed because since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, she will miss the party at school.  But she also realizes that with her absence, she will not be passing this illness on to her classmates.  Good girl, Molly!

I had great plans for a fun Valentine's Day lunch, but it will have to wait until Molly is well enough to go back to school.  Stay tuned!

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