Monday, February 28, 2011

Typical Tuesday

Molly went GAGA over the sushi today.  The thing I love about her is that she knows how much time it takes to make the sushi and she is so appreciative.  She is also pretty logical and knows that she can't get sushi everyday so she requested peanut butter and jelly for Tuesday's lunch.
Our main entrée is a classic peanut butter and jelly.  We used Jif peanut butter and Trader Joe's strawberry jam and spread them on whole wheat bread.  We used a large flower cookie cutter for the main sandwich and a micro triangle cookie cutter for the smaller sandwiches.

Our vegetable side is cucumbers.  We sliced these and then notched out a few triangles around the sides to make them look like little flowers.

Our fruit side is some fresh strawberries.  Molly really likes just about any type of berry and we are very lucky to have them available to us.

Finally, our dessert/dairy side is Dannon Light and Fit strawberry yogurt.  Just a little something different from our normal vanilla to change things up a bit.

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