Sunday, April 10, 2011

School Pizza Monday

WOW!  What an awesome weekend!  The weather is finally starting to get warmer and that weird bright thing in the sky is making a return appearance.  The kids spent most of the weekend outside and we actually relaxed and had fun.  We all have been needing this so much.  We hopefully aired out all of the germs inside of the house because we were able to have the windows and doors open almost all weekend.  Here's hoping that we are done with sickness until next year.

Molly has been pretty good this weekend and begged to get the pizza at school for lunch tomorrow.  I guess this whole "no fast food" Lenten sacrifice has really gotten to her.  We decided that even though it is technically fast food, because the school serves Papa John's pizza, we will let it slide because it is being served in school and comes with a whole bunch of other things that are made there and not in a fast food restaurant.  She was so excited that her Daddy and I both got huge hugs and kisses with a plethora of thank yous that followed.

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