Thursday, May 26, 2011

Play Day!

Molly's 1st grade class (and the other 1st grade classes) are putting on a play tomorrow and we get to go and watch it.  She is so excited but nervous.  She went over her two lines about a hundred times tonight.  So sweet.  But, before the play, she has to eat lunch!
Our main entrée is all white meat chicken nuggets.  We baked these in the toaster oven and let them cool before putting them in Molly's lunch box.  We have honey mustard on the side to dip in.

Our fruit/vegetable is an apple/carrot Crusher from Trader Joe's.  These are a puree with the consistency of baby food.  I think it's the "cool" packaging that gets the kids excited about it.

Our first treat is salsa flavored Sunchips.  They are very delicious and a favorite of Molly's.

Finally, our dessert and second treat is iced animal crackers.  We got these as a favor from a baby shower of a good friend.  They are a classic dessert and are always tasty.

Break a Leg, Molly!

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