Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ladybug Lunch

I was looking for a healthy snack for Molly's little sister's preschool class and I found some really cute ideas, including the strawberry mice from today.  I also found some really cute ladybug strawberries.  Then, I started to look for some cute ideas for Molly's lunch and I found a whole lot more lady bug ideas.
Our main entree is ladybug sandwiches.  We used Arnold Sandwich Thins Mini's and added salami, provolone cheese and mustard.  We cut a small piece of provolone for the face and antenna and attached them with a little bit of mustard.  (We think that they look a little bunny rabbit-like, but still not too shabby for our first try.)We dipped the end of a toothpick in food coloring to add the face and dots. *Someday we'll buy those food safe markers.

Our vegetable is carrot sticks, again.  Molly requested these.  We were a bit shocked since she usually isn't much of a fan but we are happy that she has changed her mind.

Our dairy side is a Babybel cheese.  We cut out a small circle for the head and smaller circles (we used a straw) for the dots.  Then, we used our toothpick/food coloring trick for the face again.  

Our fruit side is strawberry ladybugs.  We sliced a small piece of the strawberry to create wings.  Next, we stuffed half of a grape into the end of the strawberry where we removed the hull.  Finally, we pushed in a few mini chocolate chips for the dots and eyes.

Finally, our dessert is plain old vanilla yogurt.  We added some "ladybug dots" a/k/a, mini chocolate chips for extra fun.

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