Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

Happy 2012!!!

One of our resolutions is to eat healthier all of the time.  Molly's lunch is generally on the healthy side but we are trying to get away from some of the other things that we have for breakfast and dinner.  We are just like everyone else and fall victim to convenient food.  Yes, it's easier to grab a pop tart or a bowl of sugar cereal than it is to cook oatmeal or eggs but if you plan ahead and get up five minutes earlier, it can make for a much better day.  We also will grab take out more regularly than we should.  Last year, we gave up fast food for lent and we've decided that it wasn't too terrible so we are cutting our drive thru trips to two times a month at most.

I find that planning a weekly menu, shopping the sales and prepping ahead can make it much easier to stick to the plan.  Hopefully the kids won't rally and scream for pizza every week.  But, if they do, we can make our own.
Our main entree is a faux pizza sandwich.  Since it is the first day back after the holidays, the kids will be served pizza for lunch.  We figured that using a bagel thin with provolone and salami all toasted together would be a nice alternative.

Our vegetable side is yellow bell pepper pieces.  We think that it will taste nice with our faux pizza sandwich.

Our fruit side is fresh pineapple and strawberries.  We found this incredibly sweet and juicy pineapple the other day and the flavor is fantastic.

Finally, our dairy/dessert is vanilla yogurt with Trader Joe's Elegant Cocoa Pearls.  They are sweet and crunchy and make the yogurt extra special.  

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