Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Mom hasn't been feeling 100% lately so we're going for some easy meals.  We still try to keep it healthy but sometimes convenience trumps healthy and frozen pizzas won the race tonight for dinner.  That means that Molly is the lucky recipient of leftover cold pizza for lunch.
Our main entree is leftover Freschetta cheese pizza.  The taste is pretty great with a nice crust that isn't too chewy or too cardboard-like.  It also isn't greasy like the pizza parlor around the corner.

Our vegetable side is a vegetable salad.  It's actually called veggie lovers salad because it has carrots, snap peas and radishes in it.  We added some light ranch dressing on the side.  It's in the pizza container so that there was more room for the actual salad in the salad container.

Our fruit side is fresh blackberries and raspberries.  These are great in yogurt, on ice cream, in oatmeal or just plain by themselves.

Finally, our dessert is New Ocean Spray fruit snacks.  We received these in the mail as a sample and the kids just love them.  They are made with real fruit juice instead of tons of sugar like other fruit snacks.

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