Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Week Lunch 2

We've cooked up something fun for lunch tomorrow.  We were reminiscing about last year's Easter lunch and decided to use it for our inspiration.
Our main entree is a bunny pizza.  We used Pillsbury Simply Biscuits for our crust.  It is a very simple biscuit recipe without any added anything.  We like that idea.  We added a mozzarella/provolone shredded mix, olives for eyes and turkey pepperoni for a nose and mouth.

Our vegetable side is a cucumber that we cut with a flower cookie cutter.  We think that Molly will really enjoy the new shape.

Our fruit side is sliced strawberries.  We added an Easter Bunny pick to keep with our theme.

Our dairy side is a Babybel cheese.  We used our star shaped micro cookie cutter to cut a star shape out of the wax.

Finally, our dessert is vanilla yogurt with some Easter egg sprinkles on top.


  1. adorable - love the bunny pizza :)

  2. I thought of you when I made it, Keeley and how you could make one for your Little Miss. I hear that Bisquick has a great Gluten Free mix and you could probably use that to make the biscuit crust.
    ps - the bunnies spread and fluffed up a lot more than I thought they would. They were cuter before we baked them. Too many jelly beans I guess. LOL!