Thursday, April 26, 2012

PJ Day!

Molly's school has been having these "Funky Friday$" to raise money for their new playground.  On these days, the students can wear something funky on the specified Friday for a $1 donation.  Molly wore her Cat in the Hat outfit for the Dr. Seuss day.  She had very poofy and tall hair for crazy hair day.

Tomorrow is PJ day.  Molly will be wearing her favorite fuzzy pink Hello Kitty pajama pants and a fun pink top.  Plus, we will be putting a few pink foam rollers in her hair just for fun.  PJ Day calls for breakfast for lunch.  We decided to go a little crazy with this one.  Pancakes can be very versatile. ☺

Our main entree is pancakes.  We put the batter into a squeeze bottle and created fun shapes.  We attempted to make some Hello Kitty pancakes (to match her PJs) and wrote Molly's name too.  Writing in cursive backwards with a squeeze bottle is more complicated than it seems.  We added a small container of Biscoff Spread (after we took the picture) in case Molly wants to spread it on any of the pancakes.

Our fruit side is cantaloupe and strawberries.  These are a nice accompaniment to the pancakes.

Our dairy/dessert is a Chobani Verry Berry Greek yogurt.  These were on sale at the store yesterday so we scarfed some up.  This will serve as a great source of protein too.

Finally, our Fun Friday treat is two mini candy bars from Easter.  One is a Krackle Bar and one is a Mr. Goodbar.  Nothing like a little chocolate to complete a yummy lunch.


  1. Love the pancakes! I'm going to have to try the squeeze bottle idea. I usually just limit myself to initials and mickey mouse!

  2. Suz, do the details (eyes, nose, bow, etc) and the outline first, (they darken a bit) then just fill in after a few seconds with the rest of the batter. You're a crafty girl, have a blast! I've done flowers, hearts, shamrocks, Easter eggs with designs done first, etc.

    The squeeze bottles are everywhere right now because of the picnic season coming up. Also, you can recycle an empty syrup bottle or something similar instead but I find that the squeeze bottles for ketchup/mustard/BBQ sauce have a finer tip and make the detail work easier.