Monday, August 20, 2012

Grown Up Lunch Box

Tonight was pretty busy at our house.  Daddy came home and I jumped in the shower to get ready for the Kindergarten orientation for Bean.  I had pulled down a pork "steak" from the freezer and Daddy tossed it on the grill.  Dinner was started!  I am SO lucky that my husband is a hands on Dad.  He took charge and cooked up the whole grain pasta, popped the steam fresh broccoli in the microwave and got the kids ready for dinner.  When I came downstairs, everyone was praying and started eating.

The best part was my discovery when cleaning out the refrigerator for garbage night.  I noticed something in the refrigerator that I hadn't put in there earlier.  Daddy has jumped on the Easy Lunchboxes bandwagon!  He had taken the leftovers from dinner and made himself an awesome lunch for tomorrow.
Daddy's main entree is whole grain rotini topped with slices of herb and pepper rubbed pork steak.  This is a very lean cut of meat and loaded with flavor. The whole grain carbs of the pasta are fantastic for a runner like Daddy.

His vegetable side is steamed broccoli with a few fresh sugar snap peas.  These will warm up nicely together.

Finally, his fruit side is a black velvet apricot.  These are really sweet and perfect for a nice ending to a meal.

Daddy gets his dairy in at breakfast with his yogurt, so not to worry. :)

We are SO proud of him for being a great example to his kids and his co-workers of how to eat healthfully away from home.  It just goes to show how easy it is to make a healthy lunch at home to bring to work.


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