Sunday, October 7, 2012

Columbus Day Lunch

There is usually no school on Columbus Day but for whatever reason, we have school this year.  We're taking the opportunity to make a fun lunch in honor of Christopher Columbus' journey across the ocean blue in 1492 and proving that the Earth is actually round and not flat.
I only took one picture because the girls' lunches were exactly the same. 
Our main entree is a pepperoni and cheese sandwich that celebrates that awesome year when Columbus discovered America.

Our vegetable side is cucumber slices and some red pepper on a boat pick.

Our fruit side is an apple that we have made into a ship to represent one of Columbus' three ships.  I've told the girls about the toothpick so that they know how to pull the ship apart.  

Finally, our dairy/dessert is Trader Joe's Strawberry Greek yogurt.  This stuff is SO good.  It's full fat so it is really creamy and delicious.  We only get it once in a while (probably because Trader Joe's is on the other side of town) but it's a great treat.

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  1. Love the idea!!! I have to make something like this for my son! Thanks a lot! I will link to your post! :)