Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Request Lunch

Most of the time, I ask the girls if they want anything in particular and tonight was no different.  This time, they both chose different things so Daddy helped to get things started while I was at run club.  Team work!
Molly's main entree is pasta salad.  It's whole grain penne pasta with a little bit of salami, mozzarella cheese, red peppers and light Italian dressing.  

Bean's main entree is peanut butter and jelly.  Molly's vegetable side is in her pasta, Bean's is an orange pepper on the side.  We also added a cheese stick to Bean's.

Our fruit side is strawberries.  We added a little sunflower pick to this container.

Finally, our dairy/dessert is vanilla yogurt.  We added some mini chocolate chips that have fun colors on them.

Our little notes are from Lunchbox Love.  They went through a lot with Hurricane Sandy and they are doing a wonderful thing by donating to victims.  Here's their story.  When you order, use the code MOLLY to save 15%.

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