Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Week Lunches

We had so much fun making Valentine's Day and love themed lunches all week last week.  Sometimes, it's just sometime as simple as using a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a special lunch.
Our Love "lunchable" is turkey pepperoni, provolone cheese cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter and crackers.  Plus, peppers, berries and a Chobani Champions tube.
 We made peanut butter and jelly for Ash Wednesday (since we are Catholic and don't eat meat on that day). We made it extra fun by turning it into a "fairy sandwich" by adding Valentine sprinkles in the cut out area.  This is accompanied by red peppers, blackberries and Chobani Champions tubes.
Finally, our REAL Valentine's Day lunch is hot pink chocolate chip pancakes. (We bought a mix at ALDI.)  We used our food safe markers to put hugs and kisses on our hard boiled egg, added some berries including a heart shaped strawberry, cherry Jell-o jigglers cut into heart shapes, Chobani Champions tubes and an extra little kiss. ♥

All of this week's lunches are in Easy Lunchboxes.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

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