Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter Lunch

Today is the last day of school before Easter break for the girls.  They were supposed to have today and Tuesday off but a day off in October due to Hurricane Sandy and a snow day a couple of weeks ago have shortened their vacation a little bit.  We are excited to enjoy time with family and friends celebrating the glorious reason for Easter.  Christ is RISEN!!!  We are also anticipating spring...eventually!  Hopefully our bunnies and chick will be a reminder that it will be here soon. 
Our main entree is yummy bunnies.  We added some shredded cheese to pizza dough, baked it and used some cookie cutters and food safe markers to bring our bunnies to life.

Our vegetable side is shredded carrots under the bunnies.  If Bean is lucky, her bunnies got hungry and ate them...she's not a huge fan of carrots.

Our fruit side is fresh strawberries.  I found these little strawberries at the store yesterday and they are so sweet and delicious. 

Our extra side is a little chick popping out of his egg.  We used a hard baked egg, cut a small part of the white off and added a little carrot beak and used our food safe markers to make eyes.  SO CUTE!  

Happy Easter!!!

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