Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daddy's Lunch

While talking to my husband tonight about what I was going to make for Molly's lunch he said, "can I get in on that?"  So, tonight we made some extras for Daddy to bring for his lunch tomorrow.

We are going for an Asian themed lunch because it is one of Molly's favorite kinds of food.  Our main entrée is a cold noodle salad, similar to those available in most Chinese restaurants, but with a little twist.  We made some whole wheat spaghetti and cooled it down.  Next, we mixed some warmed peanut butter with a little bit of olive oil, soy sauce and cilantro.  We added this to the noodles along with some left over turkey tenderloin, Ginger and Soy turkey tenderloin by Jennie-O, and thinly sliced sugar snap peas.

*cooks note: if using natural peanut butter you might need to add extra oil.  I would recommend using regular peanut butter for this particular dish.

Our vegetables, we have two to make up for the lack of vegetables today, are thinly sliced cucumbers with a splash of rice wine vinegar on them and edamame.  The cucumbers are an homage to the yummy cucumber salads that are available in Japanese restaurants.

Our fruit/dessert is a sweet pear, also known as a Seckel pear.  It has a more firm flesh and a very sweet taste, hence the nickname sweet pear.  I highly recommend them because they are small and very sweet which are usually two favorable things with most kids.  Not necessarily an Asian pear, but a pear nontheless.

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