Thursday, September 16, 2010

TGIF Lunch

This has been quite a hectic week in our house.  We have had something on the calendar for every night, sometimes even more than one thing.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Even though Molly has ballet and a birthday party and I have my kickboxing class, those are the fun activities we've been looking forward to all week and they symbolize the start of the weekend.

Molly has been very good this week.  She did all of her homework, studied her spelling words and even read on her own without a complaint.  She's been very nice to her brother and sister and has helped out Mom and Dad on many occasions.  She is definitely deserving of a "Fun Friday" treat!

We start Fun Friday's lunch off with a unique sandwich.  It is whole wheat bread spread with light cream cheese.  We then spread on a thin layer of strawberry jam and topped it with very thinly sliced Granny Smith apples.  We used what looked like an apple shaped cookie cutter and a micro cookie cutter that looks a bit like a cross between a shamrock, Mickey Mouse and a water molecule to cut it out.  (I inherited most of these cookie cutters from my Grandmother.  She was a star at cookie making but now we get to make them for her.  I hope I do her justice!)

Our fruit is pineapple and strawberry kabobs.  Molly raved about the pineapple and how it tasted so refreshing.  She's also a big fan of strawberries and we need to eat them while they are still sort of in season.  These may be the last until next summer.

Sugar snap peas are the vegetable du jour.  If you've never tried them, they have a nice crispy texture that is similar to a potato chip.  They are sweet and have a very mild flavor.

Now the big fun for Fun Friday...dessert!  Molly has been so good that we're giving her 2 treats.  First are some York Peppermint Bites.  They look like M&Ms but have the peppermint and dark chocolate flavor and are a great sweet treat.  The second treat is a packet of Yogos bits by Kellogg's.  They are yogurt covered, fruit flavored snacks and a big favorite of Molly's.  She probably won't get two treats all that often but it is much deserved this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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