Monday, November 8, 2010

A Little Love

We had a great weekend.  Molly got one on one time with both Mom and Dad.  We've been working on reading, sounding out words and memorizing sight words all weekend.  Plus, we've been reading for fun but pointing out the words so that Molly recognizes the different ways things are spelled and pronounced.  I have to hand it to her.  She's really working hard on this and not giving up.  You don't realize how difficult reading the English language is until you try to teach it to your child.  There are so many rules and just as many, if not more, exceptions to the rules.  For example said and laid; spelled very similarly but pronounced completely differently.  Then we have sail and sale, cent and scent and of course to, too and two.  No wonder these kids are overwhelmed a bit.

Molly said that she'd rather stay home with me tomorrow because she misses me when she is at school.  I know that she wants that one on one time with her teachers as well but with 20 students, it's next to impossible.  To show her a little love from home, I asked her what she wanted for lunch and I honored her request. (Plus, I made sure to blow extra kisses on everything that I'm serving her so that she might feel how much she is loved.)
Our main entrée is a good old pb&j on whole wheat.  We used Trader Joe's Cranberry Apple Butter instead of jelly again, but it was by request.  It really is a good tart and sweet flavor that compliments the peanut butter nicely.  We made sure to cut out as many hearts as we could to show Molly how much she is loved.

We have some vanilla yogurt because Molly said that it would taste good to her belly.  She had complained about some tummy issues tonight, but we are pretty confident that it is just some separation anxiety creeping up on her.  We agree that it will probably be nice and soothing on her stomach.  

Molly requested some pretzels to go with her sandwich.  She likes the crunch and salt, plus they are pretty nutritious.  

Finally, we have some home made chocolate chip cookies.  We made these classic favorites today.  Molly didn't have school and we always try to do something special on her days off.  Molly and her sister had a blast helping to measure out the ingredients and mix them up.  Plus, it is fun to watch them bake in the oven since we have a light in there.  

I know what you are thinking.  What about a fruit or vegetable?  You are carb-loading your kid!  Chocolate chip cookies, nutritious?  

Well, I think that it's fine to break from tradition every once in a while to honor a request lunch.  My friend Adam will be so pleased since he thinks that I only feed my kids twigs, wheat germ, veggies and trail mix. ☺

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