Sunday, January 2, 2011

Book It!

When I was in Elementary school, we used to have a program where if you read a certain amount of books, you would get a certificate for a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza.  Well, low and behold, Book It! is still around 25 years later.  Molly's teacher participates in the program so today, Molly was the recipient of her first personal pan pizza.  (We let the last 2 expire...oops, there goes my Mother of the Year award.)  I decided that I would take just Molly for lunch today.  She really didn't know what was happening but she knew that it was something special.  Then, I whispered to her that I was taking her to Pizza Hut for her Book It! pizza and I thought that she was going to jump out of her skin.  When we got there, she was beaming because it is not often that she gets a one on one meal with just Mom or Dad.  She was so proud when she handed our waitress the coupon.  What made it even more wonderful is that Gayle, our waitress, made a big deal about it.  She kept asking how "our reader" was doing and if "our reader" needed a refill on her drink.  Molly also received a folder for school with the Pittsburgh Penguins on it.  It was as if she had hit the jackpot.  I don't think that she stopped smiling at all during our lunch.  It just goes to show that if you try hard at something (you may remember that she had some issues with reading earlier in the school year) the rewards can be amazing.

Back to school and back to lunch.  We are incorporating a little of her Book It! pizza to remind her of the awesome job that she did.
Our main entrée is the rest of Molly's personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  There is just enough left that it will make the perfect main dish.  She ordered her pizza with black olives on it.  This kid sure has a unique palate when it comes to her favorite foods.

Our vegetable side is a salad made with iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots.  This is accompanied by light Ranch dressing.  

Our fruit side is apples slices and raspberries.  This was by request.  Molly has been chowing down on raspberries while home on Christmas break and she hasn't gotten sick of them yet.  

Finally, our dessert/dairy side is Dannon Light & Fit Blueberry yogurt.  Molly has had enough cookies and candy to last her for a while (haven't we all?) so after talking about it, she decided that yogurt would be a nice dessert.  Smart girl!

Happy 2011 Everyone!  From Molly's Family to Yours!

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