Monday, January 3, 2011

Standard Lunch

Since starting this blog, a lot of my friends will tell me what they put in their children's lunch boxes.  Usually a sandwich, some chips, a piece of fruit and a dessert.  We all pretty much grew up with this kind of a lunch.  Well, that is exactly what I have done for today's lunch.  I have gone with some standards and jazzed them up a little bit to make them a little healthier but still tasty.  Plus, I've listened to Molly's requests and tried to include exactly what she wants.  We usually sit down after dinner and talk about what she would like and unless I have something up my sleeve, I am happy to comply.

Here we go...
Our main entrée is a turkey sandwich on white bread.  BUT, it's not the regular old turkey on white sandwich.  The bread is whole grain white bread and the turkey is a thin sliced smoked turkey breast (all white meat). We added provolone cheese which is nice and creamy, iceberg lettuce for crunch and yellow mustard to tie it all together.

Our "veggie" side is BBQ potato chips.  These are baked chips that were purchased from Aldi.  The flavor is delicious without causing your fingers to be covered in grease.

Our fruit side is apple slices, raspberries and kiwi.  This was all by request because Molly couldn't decide between the three and asked for all of them.

Finally, our dessert is Pepperidge Farm Baked Graham Cracker Goldfish in Vanilla.  Molly really likes these. They are sweet and light.  They are a perfect ending to a standard lunch.

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