Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun Friday Surprise!

Molly is a bit down in the dumps right now because I think she would rather be home instead of school.  She keeps complaining that her belly hurts and that is the thing that bothers her the most when her nerves are shot.  I want to be that stern Mother that says, "suck it up kid, you'll make it."  Then another part of me wants to be the soft Mother that holds her child close and says, "Mommy will make it all better," and keep her home from school.  I need to find the happy medium in this parenthood thing.

I have all intentions of sending Molly to school tomorrow (unless it does end up being a true illness) and teach her that sometimes you may not want to do things but they aren't nearly as bad as your head makes them out to be once you are there.  I always had this problem when going back to school after an extended break.  But, when I got back to it, I was fine.  This is why we've decided to let Molly buy her lunch tomorrow as a surprise.  They are having something that she likes (cheese crunchers) or she can choose to buy peanut butter and jelly, a turkey or ham sandwich or a chef salad.  Hopefully, one of these options will help her belly feel a little better and make her feel special because she gets a choice, like at a restaurant.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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