Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Soup, Salad and Bread Stick Lunch

Molly ended up staying home from school today because her belly hurt, so no popcorn chicken for her.  We figured that if she isn't feeling 100% tomorrow, soup would be a nice lunch for her.  Also, if this combination works for the big restaurants, it should be perfect for our girl.
Our main entree is Chickarina soup from Progresso.  Molly really enjoys this soup because it is just like Wedding soup.  We like it because it has a good combination of carbs and protein.

Our vegetable side is a green salad with light Italian dressing on the side.  We used the large container but didn't fill it too much so that Molly won't get too full.

Our fruit side does not exist today but we'll make sure that she gets in some fruit with her breakfast and snack.  This isn't a problem because Molly probably doesn't know any type of fruit that she doesn't like.

Our fun side is a bread stick that has been torn into smaller pieces.  We figured that she could either dunk it in her soup or just enjoy it with her salad.

Finally, our dairy/dessert is vanilla yogurt, as usual.  This should be soothing for her if her tummy is upset at all.

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