Monday, September 27, 2010

Picture Day!

Tomorrow is picture day at Molly's school.  No, I have no clue what she will wear.  And you thought I had it all together, didn't you?  Not so much. ☺  These past few weeks have completely worn me out and instead of going through all of Molly's clothes during nap time today, I joined the two little ones and napped too.  I did manage to figure out what to make for Molly's lunch though!  I was trying to think of something that Molly would like and that would be easy for me to whip up after a faith formation meeting at church tonight.  So, it's breakfast for lunch!
Our main entrée is mini breakfast sandwiches.  We toasted mini Eggo waffles, let them cool and spread each waffle with light cream cheese flavored with Trader Joe's real maple syrup.  To make the sandwiches, we sliced apples very thinly and layered them between two of the waffles.

The dairy side is Dannon light and fit strawberry yogurt.  Its a great source of protein and calcium.

Our choice of fruit is mandarin oranges.  Sweet and juicy with lots of vitamin C.

We added a few whole almonds to the sandwich compartment for extra protein.

Hopefully Molly's outfit will be as easy to put together as her lunch.  I'm confident that Molly would look adorable in a burlap sack but I must go and find the perfect outfit for my fashion forward first grader.

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