Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello December!

Tomorrow is December 1st.  Where did November go?  Weren't we just putting on our Halloween costumes and trick or treating?  Our family is going to do our best to slow down a little and enjoy the splendor of the Christmas season.  Yes, we have a lot of things planned but we are making sure that we don't forget why we celebrate.  Simple things like lighting the Advent wreath candles and reading the bible verses every night or playing with our Fisher Price Nativity keep our minds and hearts focused on the miracle that is Jesus Christ.

There won't be quite as many lunches to pack in this month so we are going to try to make them as fun and tasty as possible.  Molly sure does deserve it.  She will definitely be on Santa's nice list.
Our main entrée is a fun pasta salad.  Molly has been asking for pasta salad for the past two days and we finally had time to make it tonight.  It's made with Trader Joe's Vegetable Radiatore Pasta, black olives, pepperoni, chunks of string cheese and light Italian dressing.

Our veggie side is a baby spinach salad with light Italian dressing.  We decided to forgo the regular balsamic dressing and match up the Italian dressing with the pasta salad.

Our fruit side is Southern Grove dried Fuji Apples from Aldi.  They are dried apples with a little bit of cinnamon sugar on them.  They are kind of like dessert and all of our kids really like them.

Our dessert is a few graham crackers.  Just a little something sweet but still healthy.

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