Monday, December 6, 2010

Sick Day

Molly stayed home from school today.  December 6th and her first sick day.  Not too bad in my opinion considering the plethora of sickness that has already steamrolled through her school.  All 3 of our kids were quite cuddly and clingy today so needless to say, not much was accomplished except lots of TLC from Mom.  (Which was fine with me. ☺)
Tomorrow, Molly will be headed back to her first grade classroom.  She started feeling better after a nap this afternoon and she's ready to get back to it.  You may notice that two of the items are the same as yesterday because she only ate the waffle sandwiches and apples for lunch today.
Our main entrée is peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat.  We've broken out the Christmas cookie cutters and decided to go with a snowman and tree.

Our fruit side is mandarin oranges.  These will be a nice contrast to the peanut butter.

Our dairy side is Dannon Light and Fit strawberry yogurt.  This will help her belly feel better after being sick.

Finally we have our trail mix of peanuts and raisins.  Even if she only eats a little bit of this, it will help keep her appetite satisfied until she gets home.

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