Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not The Average Monday

Since we gave up fast food for Lent, we didn't get a pizza this past weekend and also didn't make one ourselves.  So, that means no typical cold pizza Monday.  Instead, we decided to do an all request lunch.  Molly had some bizarre ideas but we tamed them down a little bit.
Our main entrée is all white meat chicken nuggets.  Molly likes to eat these cold with honey mustard to dip into.  Well, we are out of honey mustard so Mom is going to run to the grocery store after everyone is asleep and get some honey mustard.  When looking at the photo, just imagine that there is honey mustard in the empty container. ☺

Our vegetable side is cucumbers.  Molly really likes the juicy and crunchy cucumbers in her lunch and requests them regularly.

Our fruit side is a banana.  We haven't given Molly a banana yet this year because of the browning factor.  What kid wants to eat a mushy, brown banana?  But, we had seen several other lunch boxes that had incorporated the banana with the peel on so that they don't brown.  We'll let you know how it turns out.

Finally, Molly requested some special pretzels for the last component of her lunch.  These little gems are filled with peanut butter and are a great sweet/savory blend of flavors.

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