Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ham Sammy

Molly makes requests for her lunch on a regular basis and I am usually happy to oblige...if I have the ingredients on hand.  Molly requested a ham sandwich with pepper jack cheese, just like today's lunch.  Well, we are out of pepper jack so we are giving Swiss a try.  She has tasted it before but I can't remember whether she liked it or not.  I'm hoping that she does or she will be ready to eat everything in the refrigerator when she gets home.
Our main entree is a ham and cheese sandwich as requested.  We decided to use a flower shaped cookie cutter to make these smaller versions of one of Molly's favorite sandwiches.  Ham and Swiss with mustard is a good combination in our eyes, we hope that she thinks so too.

Our vegetable side is pickling cucumbers cut into sticks.  Molly had a little bit of a cucumber left over from her lunch today and decided to eat it when she got home.  Her sister wanted and bite and the crunch that came off of it was astounding.  Molly said that she just wanted the plain cucumbers in her lunch so that she can try and get the same crunch as her sister.

Our fruit side is a mix of strawberries and blueberries.  All three of our kids are berry-aholics.  They enjoy every variety and always ask for seconds.

Finally, our diary dessert is Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla yogurt.  We think that it may become strawberry and blueberry yogurt once Molly opens up her lunch.  She has always liked to mix things and make new recipes.

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