Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Lunch!

It's HERE!!!!!!  Halloween is finally here and WE ARE READY!!  We have three kids all geared up for three school parties and trick or treat tomorrow.  Daddy even took the day off to participate in the festivities.  We just love Halloween at our house and we think that it deserves an extra special spooky lunch!
Our main entree is Pumpkin Pizza.  We used our pumpkin cookie cutter to cut out the crust, Trader Joe's Middle Easter Flat Bread, covered it in cheddar cheese and then put fun faces on it with hard salami.  We realized after they were in the oven that we had forgotten the pizza sauce.  Oops!  Guess we'll call it a Halloween surprise.  ☺

Our vegetable side is a Witchy Salad.  We made a witch's face out of a green pepper, gave her a green pepper nose, orange pepper mouth, olive eyes, cucumber and red pepper hair and a black olive hat.  We placed this on a bed of green salad and are serving it with our Witch's Brew dressing.  (aka: light Italian dressing)

Our fruit side is Frankenkiwi!!!!  We found this idea at another blog that is just fantastic.  We shaved the fuzz off of most of the kiwi but left enough for some hair for Frank, it's cold here in Western PA.  We then added pumpkin bolts (pumpkin sprinkles) to the side of his head, which kind of got squished when we placed him in the container.  Then we used brown sprinkles for the mouth and green marshmallows with mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  Super cool looking!  FYI, we cut the kiwi in half length-wise so that it will be easier for Molly to eat.

Finally, our Spooky Dessert is Eyeballs and Bones!!!!  Mmmwwahhhahahaha!!!  (did I scare you?)  We added powdered sugar to light cream cheese just to sweeten it up a little bit, then rolled it into eyeballs.  After refrigerating them for a little while, we added small slivers of strawberry for the "blood shot" look and a mini M&M for the pupil.  These are served with Scooby Snack bones for dipping.  YUM!

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