Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feeling Much Better

It must have been a 24 hour thing that Molly had, thank goodness.  Unfortunately, she shared it with the rest of us but the fact that it was only 24 hours for her is very comforting to me.  Today, Molly went to school and ate her Halloween Lunch from yesterday.  She got rave reviews from her friends and enjoyed all of it.

I was asked by another parent whether or not I show Molly the lunches before school and most of the time I do.  I never know what it will look like by the time it has sat in the refrigerator all night, commuted to school and sat in Molly's locker until the lunch period.  I want her to see what they are supposed to look like.  But there are sometimes that I just tell her what is in the box and surprise her with a little something extra.

Tomorrow, Molly has decided to buy her lunch because she likes what they are serving.  This is fine with Mama since two of my three kids are under the weather and I'm not feeling 100%.

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