Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy?

We allow Molly to choose one day a week if she would like to buy school lunch.  Today, Molly realized that she hadn't chosen to buy at all this week.  She looked at what is on the menu for tomorrow and wasn't interested and she can't wait for her Dr. Seuss themed lunch on Friday.  This means that we have a full packing lunch week.  We are so proud that Molly chose to pick the healthy homemade lunches.  I guess that she is really learning the importance of good, healthy food.
Our main entree is a cold cheese tortellini salad.  We picked up these tortellini at Trader Joe's last week. We added some light Italian dressing and kept it simple.

Our vegetable side is celery.  Molly requested these because she wants to dip them in the peanut butter that we put in the apple container.

Our fruit side is an apple.  We sliced it so that Molly can dip them in a small container of natural peanut butter.

Finally, dairy/dessert is Chobani Champions orange vanilla Greek yogurt.  This will help Molly with her sweet tooth and to get her protein too.


  1. I'm with Molly, if you packed my lunch, I wouldn't want to buy either. Do you buy the pre-sliced apple slices or do you add something to your slices to keep them from browning?

  2. Thanks, Kris! Great question.

    We cut our apples fresh. We usually choose Macintosh or Empire apples because they usually don't brown too quickly. I have also been known to dip apples in orange juice to prevent browning. Lemon juice works well too, but my kids give me the "sour face" if I use it. Hope this helps! ☺