Thursday, August 30, 2012

Angry Birds Lunch

This is the first Fun Friday of the school year.  If you are new to Molly's Lunch Box, Fun Friday is the special day when we include a fun treat in our lunch boxes.  Sometimes it's a cookie, sometimes it's candy but it's always delicious.
Our main entree is a salami and cheese sandwich on a sun dried tomato wrap.  We're calling it the launching pad for the Angry Bird.  Our Angry Bird is a Babybel mozzarella cheese that we used a round cookie cutter to peel the bottom of the red wax off.  We used a straw to cut out the eyes and our food safe markers to embellish the eyes and eyebrows.  Finally, we cut a small piece of colby jack cheese (used in the sandwich) for the beak.

Our vegetable side is a green salad with ground cherries (part of the tomato family) and a side of creamy French dressing.

Our fruit side is peaches and raspberries.  Both girls really like this combination of fruits.

Finally...the Fun Friday treat!  Angry Birds graham crackers and Angry Birds gummy fruit snacks.

Have a great weekend and Happy Labor Day!

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