Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Practice for School

We make a few fun lunches over the summer but not every day.  Just before school starts, we make a couple of practice lunches. Mom can figure out what will and will not be eaten and we can be sure that the kids know how to open/close their lunch box goodies.

Molly and Bean had the same lunch in their Laptop Lunches Bento Ware Boxes.  

Our main entree is a turkey wrap.  We used a spinach and herb flour tortilla, spread some whipped cream cheese on it, added lettuce and honey roasted turkey breast slices.  We rolled it up and cut it into pieces for the girls.  We also added some cute little bunny picks.

Our vegetable side is fresh sugar snap peas.

Our fruit is a yellow watermelon.  We used our melon baller to make bite sized pieces.  We added a heart fork pick to this box.

Our dairy side is a Sargento Colby Jack cheese stick.

Finally, our dessert is a few Angry Birds graham crackers.  These were a big hit!

CJ is only 3 so he won't have a school lunch like the girls but we made something fun for him too.  

His main entree is a Pepperidge Farm Brown Sugar Goldfish Bread sandwich with Peanut Butter and Company's Dark Chocolate Dreams spread on it.

He has a clementine, yellow watermelon, sugar snap peas, pretzel sticks and Angry Bird graham crackers for his sides.  

School starts next week!  We can't wait!

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  1. We're doing practice lunches too! Sprout starts kindergarten this year... wow, in only 2 weeks!

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