Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Lunch for Halloween

After having today off due to Super Storm Sandy, we're ready for a fun and spooky lunch for Halloween tomorrow.  I had this great idea to do a lunch that was all body parts.  Sometimes things sound better on paper.  Still, I'm pleased with the result.
Our main entree is brains.  Well, at least that was the original thought.  I mixed up some Heart Healthy Bisquick with milk, added a decent amount of shredded cheese and shaped the brains.  Then, I put them in the oven with great excitement about my creation.  The timer went off, I opened the oven door and BLAH!  These look nothing like brains.  Even using a red food safe marker to try and recreate the brain didn't work.  Oh well, that's what fun picks and rings are for.

Our vegetable side is baby carrot fingers.  We used whipped cream cheese to put the sliced almond finger nails on them.

Our fruit side is eyeballs.  We used canned pear halves (in pear juice) and cut them into a more circular shape.  Then, we added a maraschino cherry with a chocolate chip in the middle for the pupil.

Our dairy is green slime.  We added a few drops of green food coloring to vanilla yogurt.

Finally, our dessert for Halloween is a homemade chocolate chip cookie with some fall sprinkles in it.  Our Trick or Treat is postponed until Saturday so we figured that a mid-week treat would be fun.

*We found a great idea on Pinterest for a healthy Halloween treat to give out at school.  C.J. is handing this out to his friends at preschool tomorrow.  Just clementines and a Sharpie marker for a great treat.


  1. Love every single body part that you created especially the carrot fingers!:) Amazing lunch!! I like the cute Halloween treats for school too :)

  2. It's creepy good! Thanks for linking up at Bento of the Week! Voting lasts a few more hours! I am following you at FB now!

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