Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday By Request

Both of the girls had their own ideas for lunch tomorrow so we went with it!
Tomorrow's lunches are in Easy Lunchboxes.
Bean requested another pumpkin bread sandwich but with whipped cream cheese in the middle.
Molly requested a hot dog with a relish/mustard mix on the side.

Our vegetable side is seedless cucumbers cut with a crinkle knife.  

Our fruit side is red grapes.

Molly has a GoGurt Simple in strawberry and Bean (who is getting very picky lately) has plain Greek yogurt with honey that we made and put into a silicone ice pop maker.

Finally, our Fun Friday treat is a little Dove chocolate.


  1. Both lunches look great! I wonder if my guy would eat a cold dog in his lunch. He loves grilled hot dogs.