Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun Friday Lunch!

Tomorrow is "Fun Friday" in Molly's classroom because all of the kids did their work and no one got in trouble. I think I might use this concept to my advantage.  If she has been good all week, then on Friday she will have a special treat in her lunch.  I'm pleased to report that she has indeed been good this week and deserves a special goody for her efforts. ☺  

Fun Friday lunch starts with an Asian Chicken Salad.  Spinach and Romaine lettuce are blended for our bed.  Next we added some carrot matchsticks, red peppers, edamame and mandarin oranges.  We sautéed some bite size pieces of boneless/skinless chicken breasts and right before the end of the cooking we added some Trader Joe's Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette with Jalapeño & Fresh Cilantro.  After refrigerating it to cool (so as to not wilt the salad) we added it to the top of the salad.  This is served with a small side of the Asian vinaigrette.  YUM!  (Mom may be eating this for lunch too!)  We put this in the large bento buddies container available through Laptop Lunches.

Next we have a few 12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers, also from Trader Joe's.  I figured it would be a good carbohydrate to accompany the salad, plus they have sesame seeds in them and that goes nicely with our Asian theme.  

Finally...THE REWARD!  Molly loves any combination of chocolate and mint so I purchased some Junior Mints at the store today.  Maybe I was feeling nostalgic for a childhood favorite of my own but I still think that she will be thrilled with them.  I put them in the freezer when I got home so that they won't melt in her lunch box. To point out how special they were, I decided to "wrap" this little present.  I put them in a cute pink cupcake liner inside the container.  

TGIF!  Well, there we have it.  The first week of school is officially done and we have survived!  See you Sunday night when Monday's lunch is prepared.  I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.  


  1. Mmmmm, that salad looks REALLY good!

  2. hey you should start a business making school lunches. I know if I lived nearby I would love to have someone make Bella a healthy lunch every day. You are a super mom who really cares about your kids and I am glad to have a cousin like you =) love jessica