Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloweenie!

I have found some great ideas for Halloween on the internet.  I found some incredible costume ideas and other ideas of how to use the things that I already have to embellish the costumes.  I also found some very unique snack and food ideas.  A few weeks ago, I posted about the fun snacks that I created for the PTA meeting in A little Spooky.  I've used a few more of these ideas for Molly's lunch tomorrow.
Our main entrée is mummy dogs.  We wrapped slices of refrigerated crescent roll dough around a mini beef hot dog and a few pieces of shredded cheddar.  We also poked holes for eyes and we would dot mustard on them at home but it won't last for lunch so we'll have to leave it up to Molly's imagination.

Our vegetable side is edamame.  We can pretend that its mummy brains to go along with our theme.

Our fruit side is a piece of apple with a little bit of peanut butter and a couple of mini marshmallows.  It kind of reminds us of the Muppet, Dr. Teeth.

Finally, we have a skeleton for dessert.  We made regular Rice Krispie treats and put orange food coloring in it.  We spread the "batter" on a wax paper lined cookie sheet so that it would be a thinner treat.  After the Rice Krispie treats cooled, we used a gingerbread boy cookie cutter to cut the bodies out.  Then, we melted some white chocolate and created the bones.

ps - we REALLY like Halloween at our house.


  1. That's one spooky lunch! We are doing those apples for the girls' party for sure!!