Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reluctant Lunch

It was a rough day today.  We went to pick Molly up at school and when she hopped into the van I knew that she wasn't in a good mood.  She proceeded to lecture me on the importance of looking at her folder every night because, somehow we missed a paper last night.  She was mortified because it was something that had to be signed by a parent.  Then she told me that her stomach was hurting at lunch, so she didn't eat much.  Well, when we got home, I looked at the paper and it wasn't due until tomorrow so that was no big deal.  The teacher didn't even say anything to Molly but Molly noticed it.  Then I looked at her lunch and she took one bite of an apple wedge and ate one of the small roll-ups.  That's all.  I was so ticked because of the time, effort and love that I put into that lunch.  She uses the tummy ache any time that she doesn't want to do something.  My theory is that she was probably too busy talking to one of her friends and didn't have time to eat because she was ravenous when she got home.  I reluctantly packed this lunch and hopefully it will be eaten.
Our main entrée is 2 chicken strips.  Not the most nutritious but something that we're hopeful will be eaten.  These are all white meat, which make us feel a little bit better about sending something fried in her lunch.

Our vegetable side is just a few green beans.  These were steamed and cooled.  Molly usually likes these so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Our fruit side is Trader Joe's No Sugar Added Applesauce.  This is always a hit at our house with all three of the kids.

Finally we put two cookies in that we baked this evening.  Aldi has some fun and delicious refrigerated cookie doughs that are great for a special treat.  Plus, these have some cute Halloween decorations on them.

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