Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Want Candy....Corn!

Molly asked for candy corn for her Fun Friday treat and so a themed lunch started with that one little request.  I was doing my best to figure out foods that looked like candy corn and went with the yellow, orange and white color scheme.  Halloween is right around the corner so themes like this will be running rampant everywhere you look.
Our main entree is savory candy corn pizza!  We used refrigerated biscuits, flattened them (keeping them in circles) and then topped them with shredded mozzarella cheese in the middle for the white, next is very orange mozzarella courtesy of a cheese stick for the orange, then shredded cheddar for the yellow on the outside.  We baked them up and then cut the circles into six pieces to form candy corn triangles.

Our fruit side is a mix of orange, yellow and white fruit.  We mixed canned mandarin oranges, canned pineapple and canned pears to go along with our candy corn theme.

Our vegetable side is a mix of carrots, yellow corn and white corn.  These were all from frozen steam-fresh vegetable packages.  We had a lot left over that will probably end up in a pot pie this weekend.

Our dairy side is a mozzarella cheese stick.  As noted above, the orange part is still mozzarella, but is colored orange.  Yes, there is no yellow in this part, but to quote the song, ♪♫"two out of three ain't bad."♪♫

Finally, our Fun Friday treat is THE actual candy corn.  We flipped a cupcake liner inside out so that Molly can see the fun Halloween theme then added the candy corn.  We are all for a fun treat but candy corn is pure sugar, so we went with a small serving.  The theme will make up for the lack of candy. ☺

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