Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Different Lunches

There are days when the girls are so happy to have the same thing and then there are days when they don't exactly agree on the menu.  Today, we are doing a repeat for Molly and something different for Bean.
Molly enjoyed today's lunch so much that she requested more/bigger pieces of our Healthy Banana Bread with whipped cream cheese sandwiches for her main entree.

Her veggies are cucumber slices.

We mixed blueberries and prune plums for her fruit.

Finally, her dairy side is a Babybel with a little bear cut out of it.
Bean's main entree is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  We used one of our new Lunch Punches to cut out a fun little cupcake and then we used our food safe markers to decorate it. There are a few rainbow goldfish swimming around her sandwich in case she is still hungry.

Her veggie side is cucumber slices, just like Molly.

The fruit mix for Bean is prune plums and strawberries.

Finally, her dairy side is a Babybel with a little heart cut out of it.
Tomorrow is blue day in Bean's Kindergarten class so we skewered some blueberries and added an Archer Farms blueberry and pomegranate 100% real fruit bites.
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