Thursday, November 29, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars

Daddy and the girls have become OBSESSED with Angry Birds Star Wars.  Any computer time they can get, that is the choice.  Tonight, Daddy was a huge help to me.  We worked together on lunch and he said that he would make sandwiches while I cut fruits and vegetables.  He asked if I had a theme in mind and I said no.  He started to get giddy.  I knew that he had an idea and I was so excited to see what would happen.
Our main entree is a Millennium Falcon salami and cheese sandwich with yellow bird, Han Solo, as the pilot. We added a LightSaber to this container in case Darth shows up.

Our vegetable side is orange pepper slices.

Our fruit side is strawberries and pineapple with Obi Wan, the black bird.

Finally, our Fun Friday treat is two white chocolate truffle "Death Stars" nested in a Star Wars cupcake liner.

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