Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last week of January Plus the 100th Day of School

I think that we will be changing the name of our city to Pittsburrrrgh!  It's very cold this week but with the 100th day of school, there was a lot of fun to be had.
We made some fun sandwiches with our CuteZCute cutters.  We added a few flies to our frog (made with mini heart cutters) and some stars to our bear.  Carrot and celery sticks plus fresh strawberries and blueberries rounded out this fun lunch.
February 1st was the 100th day of school for Molly and Bean.  They LOVE breakfast for lunch so we figured that it would be an easy way to incorporate the 100s.  We made whole grain pancakes and used a squeeze bottle to make 100s (and we added a few chocolate chips to a couple of them).  We cut a few strawberries with our mini number cookie cutters to go on top of the other cut strawberries.  We used our food safe markers to put a 100 on a hard baked egg.  Finally, we put a little sticker on a new Chobani Champions tube and added a fun Friday treat of a white chocolate truffle.  Bean dressed up like she was 100 years old and Molly had a shirt with the number 100 made out of buttons on it.  


  1. so much fun.. combining 2 hearts to make flies are genius!

  2. TOOO cute, Shannon! For some reason, it never even occurred to me to make a 100th day lunch even though my older one has been celebrating it for 4 years now! Thanks for the awesome ideas and the beautiful lunches! :)

  3. Those 100th day of school lunches are lookin' pretty spiffy. Love creativity and dedication!