Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Last week, Molly was invited to eat lunch with one of her friends and a few other classmates because it was her friend's birthday.  Since Molly's birthday isn't until the summer, it was nice to make a birthday themed lunch during the school year.
Our main entree is a roast beef and smoked Gouda sandwich.  We used our Lunch Punch birthday cake sandwich cutter and food safe markers to decorate it.

Our vegetable side is pepper rings.  We added a few birthday candle picks to keep with our theme.

Our fruit side is grapes with a birthday pick.

Our dairy side is a Chobani Champions Dragon Fruit yogurt tube.

Finally, we baked some brownies with sprinkles on top and cut out a small piece as our special birthday dessert.  

Happy Birthday, Katelynn!

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